What digital marketing strategy is right for your business?

You, as many business owners are probably deciding what online marketing strategy is best for you?… Should I do SEO? Do I need Google Ads and PPC marketing? Should I be advertising on Facebook and Instagram? What about reaching out to influencers? …and you are probably reading this blog wanting to know which digital strategy will be most suited for your business? Well there no answer to which single channel you should be advertising on. Yes, you can get great results through SEO or SEM or even increase your brand awareness through social media, however one channel alone in most occasions is not the ultimate answer to bring success to your business. It may be cheaper, but what good is cheaper if you are missing out on a ton of opportunities which will make you a lot more money?  

Top 3 questions about digital marketing strategies

Through engaging many different business owners and project managers we get asked a lot of questions regarding strategy and the best possible way to maximise the return on investment. Below are the top 3 questions we get asked when it comes to the best marketing strategies.  

I can just do a Google Ads campaign to get results straight away!

Yes you can do this, we can do this for you. But then what? What happens a few months into your campaign when you want to further increase your ROI? Well you better have the extra budget to pay for those clicks from Google because they definitely don’t come free or cheap!  

Hold on, I can save money on paid search by getting the traffic organically can’t I?

Yes, again correct! A SEO campaign has huge long term benefits and you will be crazy not to invest in this channel. You can save potentially thousands of dollars by getting traffic organically rather than paying for for every-single-click. Below is an example of one of our long term customers who is saving over $24,000 per month as they are getting this traffic organically and not paying for it. ahref organic results As you can see this was over a period of time (we starting working on this in September 2016)  so you will need to wait a bit before you start seeing ROI, however it is definitely worth it as you can see from the chart above!  

Ok, well what will social media do for me apart from likes and shares?

This is a good question as everyone knows likes don’t make money. Sales make money! A social media marketing strategy via Facebook or Instagram may get you some clients, but do you want just some clients? Or do you want to see four, five, six, ten and more times the ROI you are putting into your social media budget? This is where re-marketing comes into play which we will explain quickly below.  

What is the best channel to advertise your business?

First of all, every business is different so every strategy is different. Second of all, and more importantly, there is no single best marketing channel to advertise your website on. If you haven’t figured it out already the ideal digital campaign will be using a mixture of channels for maximum exposure and sales and look something like this:

  • Google Ads to gauge new website visitors almost immediately sending them straight to a page where they can easily become a customer.
  • SEO campaigns to build the websites trust whilst closely focusing on the customers’ needs, search intent and in the longer term and saving money on your Google Ads.
  • Social strategies are good at not just building brand awareness and trust but the perfect platform to retarget those people who have visited your website giving you another chance at converting them! Also combine this with GDN (Google Display Network) to maximise your retargeting opportunities.

  Get people to your website through Google Ads and SEO and then go after them via holistic re-targeting strategies to have a better chance at converting them into customers. An average website conversion (purchase/enquiry) rate (depends on instustry) is 2% – 5%. Let’s go with 5%. What happens to the other 95%? Surely you cannot convert them all but you can easily win back a fair share of them!   Take a look at your Google analytics (providing you have goals set up) to see your conversion rate, where your customers are purchasing from and how long it takes to them to make a purchase. If you need help with this we would be more than happy to help you. Simply get in contact with us today.


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