Google Release Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Google have just released ‘where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego’ and we are pretty excited! If you are from a time where you had ‘computer class’ in primary school back in the 90’s you will understand our excitement!


where on google earth is carmen sandiego


The PC game ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’ was released originally in 1985 and it’s sequels were rocking it in the class rooms for many years after! In this game you were tasked to capture the mastermind villain Carmen Sandiego, but in order to do this you were to travel the world, gather clues, speak to witnesses and apprehend her henchmen. Once you have gathered enough clues and captured enough villains you were able to after Carmen Sandiego herself!


There have been board games and shows since the initial PC debut as well as a franchise of video games where the last one was 1996 from memory? Please let us know if we are wrong! Anyway, with the new game on Google Earth, this is Carmen Sandiego game unlike any of the others you played. Well it is the same as in you are still tasked with gathering enough clues to capture our red villain but you are visiting some amazing places and landmarks all through your browsers window. Just look how awesome this looks below:



Without going into too much detail and spoiling the fun why not check it out yourself and put your detective skills to the test! Enjoy!


Play here: Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego


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