Hotel Oceana Santa Monica Digital Marketing Case Study in collab with Main & Rose

Hotel Oceana Santa Monica is located in Florida, United States. They are a family owned luxury hotel resort with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. Digital Debut has the pleasure of working on this campaign with our friends over at Main & Rose, a branding agency from the United States.


The Problem

New website about to go live without a SEO to look over
Current government restrictions in place limiting movement and travel
Current PPC campaign needed restructuring

The Results

Massive increase in Google Rankings and organic traffic
CPC down significantly with better CPA
All traffic goals were smashed for even before lockdown restrictions

We are very grateful to be working with Main & Rose – Digital Branding Agency on this campaign. Hotel Oceana Santa Monica was about to go live with a new website before we were called in on a tight deadline for an SEO site migration, overview, and health check. We worked hard in making sure all value was to be passed over from the old site to the new site during the SEO website migration. We also worked closely with the team at Main & Rose to make sure the content was ready for Google indexation of the correct search phrases whilst being in line with the brand image.

After the website was launched we started working hard on the SEO and the PPC to get Hotel Oceana as much visibility as possible during the tough rules set by the government at the time. At the early stages of the campaign results were a bit underwhelming (understandable because of lockdown) however, we have used this period to build up the website to be ready to take on the demand once restrictions started easing off. As soon as this happened we witnessed large increases in bookings and organic traffic as we improved most of the targeted search terms by 4,500 positions on Google USA. Organic traffic is still improving on a weekly basis!


Google organic weekly traffic change since campaign start


Current Year on Year Google organic traffic improvements

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