Web Design's Impact On Digital Marketing Strategy

Having the right web design is crucial when developing an integrated marketing plan for your brand. The norm for web design is not just practical or visual; it’s all about information to determine how a user interacts with your brand. From formatting to colours, you can say these key elements work together to create a digital tool that can improve online advertising campaigns when used effectively.

Regardless of the industry and size of your business, your website is usually the first point of contact between a customer and your brand. For this reason, you need to communicate your message effectively; for instance, you want to clarify pricing strategies, get help from a product pricing calculator, and create a user-friendly professional web design.

Even though the website is an integral part of a company’s advertising efforts, many business owners often forget it’s part of a large-scale marketing plan. You must stick to the goal, look and feel of your marketing efforts, such as SEO Search Engine Optimisation and social media marketing.

By carefully evaluating all aspects of your overall marketing plan, you can create a good design that will base your marketing efforts on and help you achieve your goals.


How your Web Design effects your Digital Marketing Strategy

A well-organised and maintained website becomes the heart of your business operations and marketing efforts. After going through many digital marketing basics, your website can help you align both of these markets with reasonable business goals.

A well-organised website can benefit a business in several specific ways, including increasing sales and leads, but how do companies get there?

Below, we’ll look at some of our best practices, best examples, and how website design can impact digital marketing.



1. Consistent Branding

We are mostly visual beings, and whether we like it or not, the first details we see are everything. Since our view is almost identical to the goldfish, it only takes 5-8 seconds at most to catch your visitors and retain them.

First, make sure your website’s look and feel matches your other marketing materials, including product cards, white papers, and more. Here are a few items to pay attention to:

  • Logo – It’s safe to say the logo is the face of the company, and your logo is the first thing customers notice about your business. It’s not just a picture; it is a form of customer promotion and an essential foundation for branding your business.
  • Colours – Colours are fundamental in marketing and branding because they are the basis of initial customer feedback. Choosing a colour palette can make or break your business. Colours are more than just a visual aid because they convey effects, feelings, and emotions.
  • Images – Pictures are stories. Using high-quality, carefully selected images, you can express a feeling, a vision, or a dream. Ideas can help increase traffic to your website, generate unique branding and publicity, and ultimately help you achieve your business goals.
  • Fonts – Fonts help you understand the message before you understand the words. Along with colour, fonts are the first impression for clients, so it’s crucial to find fonts that showcase your company in the right way.


2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the main reason for website optimisation. However, most people think that the website’s design elements do not fit all the classifications to help in better rankings. Whenever there is a significant update from Google, its impact affects rankings, and people tend to bookmark their sites.

To understand the connection between a website and SEO marketing, look at both. The marketing strategy is based on the Google algorithm. Whenever you design or write content for a website, make sure your content is not duplicated.

You will find this type of content in ecommerce SEO and website design, where products show the same information and are slightly different from the information displayed on the same page. It appears to be duplicated in the eyes of Google or any search engine. You can avoid duplication by creating different pages for each product variable with the same description and eliminating any doubts about duplication. Yes, we understand this will take up a lot of time and resources.

There are a heap of other factors in SEO, too many to go through which is why we recommend you utilise a proper digital marketing agency that offers expert SEO services such as, well, Digital Debut, of course. In the meantime you may want to check out some of the top SEO tips we have put together.


3. Conversion Rate

Analysing the rate of purchased while evaluating the website’s performance is vital in providing a good customer experience (CX). Since the conversion rate is directly related to how a user interacts with a website, it is a significant factor that a company can use when making marketing decisions.

If the user is browsing a website and can’t find the information they need due to a problem with the feature’ In the process, they are more likely to leave the site and go to another, probably a competitive site. We will expand on this in another post, so stay tuned!


4. Outstanding UX

The idea of ​​”branding” is more than just the look of your website, and a brand is the sum of all customer interactions with your company. User experience has a lasting impact when it comes to branding, and your customers’ overall experience on your website determines whether they stay with your customers or complete a purchase.

With all that has happened over the past few years with new totalitarian rules, it is estimated that this year’s overall customer experience will be the most important factor influencing consumer companies to choose to do business and, at best value will be prioritised over price.

If you create the best UX (user experience) for your customers, they will have the best relationship with your brand. Here are some things you should focus on to improve the UX for your website visitors:

  • Intuitive Navigation – When visitors come to your page, it is important that they are able to easily access other pages. Your web design should be designed in a way so that web traffic flows easily from each of its pages.
  • Make it Error-Free – Even if your website is smoothly working, this may not be 100% error-free; you should strive towards this goal. Google search console is your friend. Make sure this is set up as it is where you will find most of your website errors.
  • Social Media Integration  – There are different ways to interact with customers on social media: responding to complaints and questions, sharing content, or responding to feedback to improve the overall UX. Make sure your website allows your users to be able to easily access any of your social media pages, and all other forms of contact.
  • Mobile-Friendliness – Today, 2 out of every 3 minutes spent online are on mobile devices. Your brand image will suffer even more if your website is not optimised for mobile devices. Remember, your Google rankings are based on mobile first. If the mobile experience is not up to par, then your rankings will suffer overall.


5. Stand out

It’s essential to be different from your competitors. Your visitors want to see something new and different but at the same time catering to their needs based on their search. You can have different designs ready for AB testing to help you choose which design performs better.


6. Analytics

This is a no-brainer. You would want to make sure all your analytics tracking is set up correctly along with event tracking, goals, and ecommerce tracking if you are selling products online. Apart from reporting, this is essential to see how your website is performing across multiple channels as well as what areas of your website are lacking.



Concluding Remarks

Web design contributes a lot to digital marketing. It is also an effective way to promote your products and services, but many other methods can increase your sales. Take advantage of holistic marketing strategies as it will drive traffic to your page from multiple sources. SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads and other pay-per-click such as Bing Ads and even Amazon Ads, email marketing, and influencer marketing are considered part of a holistic marketing strategy. These are strategies that you can combine to achieve your desired results.

Combine these when developing a website and you will go a long way in finding new loyal customers.


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