This is why holistic digital marketing is super important!

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First off, I want you to take a look at the below graph


What you are seeing is the result of some great SEO work for two different customers. The first client’s Google ranking improved by 9,601 over a year, and their total impressions improved by 189,000, but their click-through rate decreased by 1.3%. Another client’s ranking went up by 3,087 and impressions improved by nearly 27,000, but their click-through rate dropped 1.9%.


How is this possible?


Well, Google Ads are becoming a lot more prominent in the Google SERP’s which takes away attention from the organic results and pushes them further down the page. So, even if you had a healthy amount of keywords sitting at position 1 of the organic search results, chances are it may be quite a bit down the page due to all the ads on the top (depending on the word). If you are not investing in other online marketing channels, chances are this can be happening to you.

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