The digital world opens new working from home jobs for Australians

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Whether we’ve faced it before or not, having to work from home is now a law-enforced must. We no longer have the choice (without reason) to head outside and do what we want. It’s during this time that, as a nation, we need to stick by the regulations the government is enforcing, and do the right thing: stay at home to help flatten the curve.

But for a majority of Australians, that also means adapting and learning how to work in an entirely new way. For some, that also brings juggling the kids – who are now not going back to school for Term 2.

The good news is that the digital landscape and innovations of technology mean jobs of all walks of life can still be fulfilled. Beyond essential services, retailers and other businesses can utilise online methods to deliver their goods and solutions to customers who are always seeking them out. It just takes a bit of creativity and the initial setup time.


Top 10 ways to productively work from home during the pandemic

If you’re among the big crowd of us who are tapping away on our keys from 9 to 5 now, then we welcome you. It’s not a bad place to be; it’s a safe place – remember that. Even tech giants like Amazon, Google, Twitter and Facebook have ordered their staff to stay home, remotely working and continuing with typical operations. If these guys can do it, all of us can. So let’s get down to a few handy tips on how you can make the most of your time indoors.


  1. Set yourself with the right tools from the start. That might mean using a diary that you religiously keep with you at all times, or ways to organise your schedule. If you don’t use some kind of time management system, now’s the time to do so.
  2. Download all the communication tools you need to hit the ground running – from Zoom to Slack or Microsoft Teams. Whatever your company is using, get on it and get used to using it efficiently. It will be your best friend over the coming weeks.
  3. Don’t be scared of over-communicating with your colleagues and team. Transparency and keeping in-the-loop is paramount to business success right now.
  4. Schedule yourself several breaks throughout the day. Stick to a routine you’re used to.
  5. Keep on task. Don’t let your mind wander to the fact that the TV is three metres from you or that the dog is itching for a game of fetch. You still need to manage your work time effectively. You’re still on the clock.
  6. Don’t be hard on yourself. This is a period of adjustment, and it’s going to take time for you to make the change successfully. No one does it overnight – not even the experts.
  7. Create a space that inspires productivity. No, not your bed. Scratch that one right out. Set up an office area that is free from other distractions and able to keep you focused. Throw in some plants as a bonus – trust us.
  8. Use natural light as much as possible. Avoid sitting in a dark room with the curtains closed or light on. Your self-quarantining routine still needs to incorporate natural light, which is imperative to physical and mental health.
  9. Get dressed. Don’t linger in your pyjamas and expect yourself to have a productive day. Your mind knows the difference between work and play – so get into the positive habit of incorporating ‘workwear’ into your new routine.
  10. Phone a colleague or a friend. Working in isolation can be hard, and as humans, interaction and relationships are important. Give a workmate or a friend a call to see what things they are working on and how they are doing.



Shifting your business model during COVID-19

There’s likely not one single business that hasn’t been affected in some way, shape or form by this pandemic. Most of us are switching tides and tactics to ensure we’re still garnering as much success as possible. But that doesn’t come by sitting stagnant. Whether you’re a retailer, beauty therapist or interior designer – you’ll need to change your business model to suit the current times. Regulations most likely mean you can’t commence operations, as usual, so make sure you know exactly what category and set of laws you fall under. If you’re not sure, read about it all here.

For retailers, ecommerce is presenting an enormous opportunity to set yourself up for long-term success. Even if you had been avoiding this model in the past, it is now your be all and end all. If you want to remain proactive and relevant, this is your pathway to doing so. Customers are stuck at home, and that means they’re spending 66% more of their time than usual on social media channels, scrolling through feeds and inspired by advertisements. This is your time to tap into this behaviour while you can.

Here are a few sectors that can still obtain success through online methods and remote working.


Online groceries

If you’re a local food store or smaller supermarket that doesn’t have the privilege of staying open, offer online shopping and orders for a delivery fee. You can set up for contactless services that drop the goods at the customers’ doors. Double-check that your state allows for this at the current time, as laws are changing daily.


Restaurants and cafes

It’s crucial that physical restaurants and cafes now switch up to an online ordering platform – like Menulog or Uber Eats – to keep their business running successfully. The good news is that a lot of people aren’t heading out to get groceries, opting to order takeaway instead. This is your chance to remain relevant. Where needed, use your existing staff as delivery drivers.


Retailers and drop shippers

Your answer is ecommerce as a whole. Open up an online store through Shopify or on your own website (ask us how) and get selling. Incorporate digital marketing – like SEO or Google Ads – into your efforts to ensure your target audience knows you’re still open for business.

If you rely on suppliers from China as a drop shipper, there are many apps available for the Australian marketplace, which point you to more local options. This prevents the delay that COVID-19 is having on online purchases, and keeps your customers happy at the same time. You may have to charge a little more, but it’s all about product positioning – e.g. your customers now have access to a locally made, high-quality item that they need and want.

Remember that as a drop shipper, however, your success will also rely on having a killer website or online brand presence to back it all up. We highly encourage speaking to one of our experts to make sure you’re incorporating all the right tactics from the get-go.


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