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Well, 2020 has definitely been a year that none of us will forget, especially for businesses! With the current situation we are all in today we can all get a little bit frantic and determined to get back some recent lost digital marketing clients, however we all need to understand that we are mostly all facing the same situation so should be mindful about how we approach current and past customers.

Some of the most obvious tips we have put together are as follows:

  • Communication is key: Stay relevant, even for those customers who have stopped their campaigns it doesn’t hurt to keep in touch and update them on current marketing trends. A little communication and help can go a long way. It can be the difference whether your customer reboots their campaigns with you again or not.
  • Delay pricing increases: We have seen a few businesses try and raise prices on their customers. This is a big no! The only reason why you should talk about upping budgets with your customers is if they have an ecommerce campaign. Upping budget on an ecommerce campaign when people are told not to go out can have some really positive effects on their revenue. Stopping marketing for ecommerce businesses is never really a good idea but due to the current times everyone is worried.
  • Revisit your sales funnel: For a digital marketing agency, hard-hitting conversion focused marketing campaigns might not get you far at the moment. Instead have another look at your ads, maybe create some informative content or useful information to warm up your potential leads that may reach out to you once we are all in a better economic state.
  • Retention: For those loyal clients that have decided to stick you must do everything you can to retain them. They have continued to put their trust in you so keep them updated with everything that is going on with their campaigns. It doesn’t hurt to to spend over budget just to ensure they pull through this with you, and yes, we are doing this for all our clients! A loss in revenue now, to keep your clients above water will most likely ensure that they stick around later on. Look after your customers, they are the reason why you have a business.

For our full article please see it on and be sure to be there for your staff who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the shift in business this year.


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