The Top 13 Websites For Digital Marketing News in 2020

If you work in the digital marketing field, you know that one day is never the same as the next. But if you’re just wanting to keep tabs on it and make sure you’re actioning as many of the best possible practices as possible, knowing where to hunt for updated information is tricky.


Everyone is an expert these days; they’ve all got their own opinions and ‘best hacks’ for getting to the top. It’s important to understand that the nature of digital marketing is fluid – what you know today may not be the same tomorrow.


Google Trends shows the search volume for ‘digital marketing’ over the last five years.


Keeping in that in mind, having an arsenal of authoritative, trustworthy publications by your side can make all the difference. You just wake up in the morning, grab your cup of coffee and give yourself the 411 of everything new in this landscape. Consider it a continuous learning curve for a topic that always surprises.


Arm yourself with these top digital marketing blogs


  1. The Moz Blog – There’s probably no SEO expert that doesn’t have this goodie stashed away in their bookmarks stab. Covering all aspects of search engine optimisation and inbound marketing, this publication delivers insights from industry specialists. Enjoy advice, insights, guides and hacks on how to nail your strategies – all in an up-to-date, anecdotal way.
  2. Content Marketing Institute – Otherwise known as CMI, this blog is an all-round winner for ramping up both social and content marketing efforts. Learn how to use storytelling to your advantage and deep-dive research that demonstrates proven strategies for various channels.
  3. SEMRush (Blog) – For some, SEMRush is a mammoth tool that helps create a solid keyword research strategy. For others, it’s also a go-to source for link building techniques, optimisation and more. As Google releases algorithm changes, you can also bet on this publication to know about it first.
  4. Search Engine Land – Acting as a compilation of digital marketing news, breaking trends and forecasts, Search Engine Land is considered one of the leading sources. It covers everything from ad technology through to data projections and more. Add this one to your list if you’re looking for insights you can roll out easily.
  5. Search Engine Watch – As the name suggests, Search Engine Watch is the Big Brother of platforms like Google. This blog includes analyses from industry experts and opinions from business owners who have garnered success through rankings experiments.
  6. Neil Patel – This wouldn’t be a list of digital marketing blogs without the one and only Neil Patel. As one of the top marketers in the world, Patel projects his marketing expertise to his audience through relatable, accessible content. He’s also great at dishing out engaging videos, for those that rather visual material.
  7. HubSpot – Known for its marketing automation services, HubSpot also offers great blog content on any kind of topic you can imagine for this space. It’s visited by millions of specialists every day and is the trusted source for strategies that have been proven to work time and time again.
  8. Ahrefs (Blog) – Much like SEMRush, Ahrefs also offers its own blog for SEO experts looking to add more punch to their techniques. It’s particularly useful for those beginning in the field and offers plenty of information on how to get started.
  9. Social Media  Examiner – Probably the world’s biggest source of social media marketing resources, this hub is dedicated to helping brands connect better with their audiences. It looks at creating healthy awareness and building original content to really drive influence in a space that’s always changing.
  10. Medium – This one is a little different in the sense that you can get information and helpful articles from a whole heap of publishers. Tailor your interests and customise your feed to see practical advice from bloggers and marketers who know what they’re doing, and are genuinely interested in delivering valuable content.
  11. Marketing Land – Covering virtually all channels of digital marketing, this blog provides helpful information on all forms of advertising. See analytics in action, case studies and white papers, all in a central location that’s designed to give users the low-down.
  12. Yoast – Known for their WordPress plugins, Yoast also has a well-rounded blog that’s traditionally focused on SEO tactics. Their motto is “Search engine optimisation without being an SEO expert”, so you know they’re all about helping newcomers find their feet.
  13. Convince and Convert – Driven by data and amazing digital marketing case studies, Convince and Convert is a Content Marketing Institute blog. Learn more about word-of-mouth tactics and correlate with your audience through customer experience strategies that embrace the latest trends.


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