Your website should be doing all the selling for you

Business owners are starting to forget that a website should be doing all the selling for you. This consists of lead generation, online purchases, enquries and other events of value for your business. Now, in 2020 this is probably more important than ever and we seeing those businesses who have properly developed websites making an absolute fortune, with of course the main driver from their digital marketing efforts. However, without a properly design website a lot of money can be going to waste.


3 main tips in creating a website to make you money

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1. Understand your target markets biggest needs and desires

Conversion value is important, you want to bring people to your website and keep them there with hope of converting them into a lead or a customer. Whether you are selling a product or a service, understand what your audience needs and answer these needs on your website. See how you can offer this differently than your competitors and give your website visitors a reason to choose you over them!


2. Grab their attention with strong (but not annoying) call to action

It can be hard for a customer to remember or process all the information on your website which consists of all information from wording, to images, colours, fonts and videos. Whether it is a contact form, or click to call number it should be easily available for the customer to utilise to quickly enquire about your product or service. You can even make use of latest offers and important news as part of your CTA’s which will help drive conversions.


3. Keep your customers engaged with engaging visuals

Presentation is key. Your website might have the most useful information on it, but if it is presented in a way that is hard to grasp and ‘boring’ those potential customers of yours, will most likely go to your competitor whose service offering is not at good, but presented better. It is important for organic rankings to make use of important content but you must remember to break up slabs of content with visuals or something your customers can engage in. This is especially true for eocmmerce website and can cost you a lot of sales if not presented accordingly.


Most business owners do not have time to look into all this stuff and it can be overwhelming, so why not get in touch with us today? Our web design experts will be able to transform your website into your very own sales assistant while you can focus on the running of your business.


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